Table of Contents

Hit the Ground Running

INTRODUCTION: The Road to Your Acting Career


  • Investigation
  • Hobby
  • Career

CHAPTER TWO: Ability, Talent or Gift

  • Ability, Talent or Gift
  • Related Creative Pursuits
  • Commitment

CHAPTER THREE: Personal Tools

  • Passion
  • Self-esteem
  • Discipline
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Ambition
  • Professionalism
  • Tenacity and Patience
  • Health


  • Academic Training
  • Professional Workshops for Actors
  • Finding Teachers
  • Choosing Teachers


  • First Six Months
  • Sixth through the Ninth Month
  • Last Three Months of the First Year
  • First Six Months of the Second Year
  • Months Six through Nine of the Second Year
  • Last Three Months of the Second Year
  • After the First Two Years

CHAPTER SIX: Money, Money, Money

  • Spending – The Costs of Becoming An Actor:
    • Year One
    • Year Two
    • Year Three
    • After Year Three
  • Saving
  • Earning
    • Actor-Friendly Jobs

CHAPTER SEVEN: Packaging Your Product

  • Typing
  • Identifying Yourself
  • “Type” Questionnaire
  • Creating Your Package


  • Effective Photos
    • Know What You Want to Capture
    • Photo Categories
  • Choosing Your Photographer
  • Preparing for Your Shoot
  • The Photo Shoot
  • Photo Selection
  • Retouching
  • Duplication
  • Next Photo Shoot


  • Credits
    • The Components
  • Role Breakdowns
  • Format
  • First Resume Tips
    • Resume Boosters

CHAPTER TEN: Ready, Set, Go!

  • Ready
  • Set
    • Intern
    • Build Audition Wardrobe
    • Shoot Photos and Create Resume
    • Create Cover Letter
    • Get Experience and Build Confidence
    • Join or Create an Actors’ Support/Networking Group
    • Network
    • Research
  • Go
    • Submit
    • Showcase Yourself

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Representation

  • Types of Representation
  • How the Process Works
  • In the Interview
  • Decision Time


  • Your Daily Schedule
  • Organization
  • Time Management Tips

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Business Essentials

  • Union Membership
  • Marketing
  • Promotional-Tools
  • Business Tools
  • More Essentials

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Commercial Auditions

  • Before Auditions
  • In the Waiting Room
  • In the Audition
  • There’s More
    • You Are the Character
    • “Aspirational” Looks
    • You Are What You Wear
    • Commercial Auditioning Is Acting
    • To Memorize or Not to Memorize
    • Slating
    • Mistakes are Gifts
  • Tips for Different Types of Commercial Auditions
    • Solo Improvisation Auditions
    • Improvisation Scene Auditions
    • Scripted Scene Auditions

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: TV & Film Auditions

  • Audition and Booking Techniques
  • Before Auditions Start
  • Preparing for Theatrical Auditions
  • Waiting to Audition
  • In the Audition
  • After the Audition

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Building Your Career

  • Moving On
  • What’s Next
    • Nurture Confidence
    • Own Your Successes
    • Choose Whom You Listen To
    • Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
    • Turn Disappointments into Gifts
  • Actors Are Artistic Warriors



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