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“Many people dream of having some sort of acting career but don’t know where to start. To all of the dreamers out there I have finally found the answers to all our questions on how to start a successful career in acting. The answers lie in the book, Hit The Ground Running The First Years of Your Acting Career, written by Carolyne Barry.” >> Full review
– Adriana Davalos, Splash Magazine


"Carolyne Barry is a respected authority and a brilliant communicator. She provides the effective information to help actors start their careers."
– Rob Light, Managing Director of Creative Artists Agency, LLC


"HIT THE GROUND RUNNING is such an integral tool for any acto who is pursuing the craft of acting."
– Bernard Tesley, New York Theater and Film Casting Director


"Carolyne has written a must-read book for the smart, dedicated actor who wants to save time, money, and have an insightful blueprint on how to be successful."
– Leslie Jordan, Emmy Award-Winning Actor


"I had never been so sure about the path to acting until I read HIT THE GROUND RUNNING. Everything in this book created a clear guide of what I needed to finance my career, acquire the proper training, and find the right teachers. After reading this book, I truly hit the ground running."
– Stephanie Dominguez


"This book has been a life coach to me.  it’ s been such a wonderful guide in my personal and acting life."
– Alex Lemosle


"I wish I had this book earlier because it answers all the questions that every actor has when they start to pursue a career. Hit the Ground Running covers everything from A-Z on how to tackle this crazy show business."
– Alan Inoue


"The practical and thorough guidance you’ll get from HIT THE GROUND RUNNING is exactly what every actor needs."
– Theresa Ravnikar


"This book has enlightened, encouraged and inspired me towards my dreams and goals. If you don’t have HIT THE GROUND RUNNING you are missing out!! Thank you so much Carolyne for your honesty."
– Melissa Jones


"I really enjoyed reading Carolyne’s book because it was everything I needed to know- and had to learn the hard way. Too bad I didn’t have it before!"
– Emma Olivia


"Thank you for your up-front no nonsense approach with your "acting career plan" Everyone should be so blessed to have one who really cares about people and helping them prepare for their future!"
– RD Hough


"Carolyne has a lifetime of insight for actors. Forget the fluff… it’s the most practical and realistic text that takes actors step by step to success."
– Emma Olivia


"Carolyne packs her on-camera commercial classes with so much immediate, detailed and, most importantly, useful information that i feel a bit sorry for those i’m auditioning with and against. Due to my learned preparation from Carolyne, i enter each audition calm and assured, pretty much knowing what to expect, with several intelligent and assured choices to offer the Casting Director."
– Mark Atherlay


"I found the information provided in Carolyne’s book to be extremely useful and practical. It left me feeling inspired and excited about my career path. I feel blessed to have met her at the time I did, otherwise I would have made some amateur mistakes and gotten off on the wrong foot."
– Tara Phillips


"Carolyne’s book speaks to you directly, with no pampering B.S. – A perfect how-to-do-things-right book."
– Ryyn Chua


"As a new-struggling actor, I needed a plan. HIT THE GROUND RUNNING breaks it down, so I can construct a plan specific to my needs."
– Nick Nathaniel Simons


"HIT THE GROUND RUNNING has helped me on each and every step of my journey as an actor."
– Stephanie Nelson


"Carolyne’s book really made me take a deeper look into my acting career. It’s a real page turner."
– April Hobson


"Reading HIT THE GROUND RUNNING saved me a great deal of time, money, and frustration. There’s really nothing else quite like it out there."
– Korken Alexander